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GPS based vehicle tracking system in India that will suit your tracking Needs

Smarterping - one of the leading vehicle tracking systems in India that allows you to view the location of your fleet in real-time, 24 hours a day from anywhere. Our GPS vehicle tracking system also provides a list of your vehicles along with the status, which includes when a vehicle is started up and shut down, idling status, location and speed. Apart from this, Smarterping gives you real time alerts via Email for all-important things like Over Speed, SOS, Geo Fencing etc.

Smarterping Features

Fuel Monitoring

Smarterping helps manage and record fuel level of vehicle, which in turn helps our clients to control expense on fuel/gas.

Vehicle Maintenance

Smarterping provides fleet/vehicle owners with a state of art reminder of scheduled vehicle maintenance events.


Smarterping is equipped with robust administrative features to help our customers easily manage various features.

Alerts and Notifications

Smarterping auto sends alerts and messages when anything goes wrong or something unusual happens.

Real Time Tracking

Real-time tracking on map along with graphical reports helps provide our customers with detailed vehicle information.

Data Security

Designed with tough security features built in, our GPS Platform ensures that your private fleet / vehicle /asset data is kept secure.


Smarterping regularly records the history of all the vehicles. Smarterping helps to replay or see all the historical activities of a particular vehicle.

Fleet Status Dashboard

Fleet status dashboard is a single view solution for our clients to view overall status of complete fleet.

GPS tracking has applications in virtually every industry

The world is in motion. Fleet size in every sector continues to grow, and with it the need for industries to manage their fleet efficiencies. Not sure how GPS tracking and location-based services fit with a given industry? Click the Request a Demo button to have an expert walk you through it, or read on for more information.


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